GLN Numbers






We can supply Global Location Numbers or ‘GLN’s’ for short. GLNs are unique numbers. They are most commonly used to identify locations and trading partners within large retailers Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) sytems. Smaller retailers don’t use GLNs. One example of how GLNs are used is New Zealand Companies Office assigns each new company a GLN number.

GLNs are used as a location identifier. A few retailers internationally require these as a prerequisite for trading with them. If you require a GLN number you can purchase this below. GLNs are not on individual products hence you don’t need any barcode images.


GLN with Barcodes and Application Identifiers

GLNs can be encoded in GS1-128 barcodes for example to identify delivery or warehouse locations by using the identifiers below:

Application Identifier (AI)   410 = Ship to – deliver to GLN
Application Identifier (AI)   411 = Bill to – invoice to GLN
Application Identifier (AI)   412 = Purchased from GLN
Application Identifier (AI)   413 = Ship for – deliver for – forward to GLN
Application Identifier (AI)   414 = Identification of physical location
Application Identifier (AI)   415  = Invoicing party

Our barcodes shop is automated – so if you purchase this product, it will be automatically emailed to you within a few minutes.